Smart Storage Solutions: Think-outside-the-box ideas

While the styles of homes in our region, and the home décor preferences of our clients, range from contemporary to classic, there is one nearly constant concern of homeowners visiting our South Shore kitchen and bath showroom. Whether they are building a new home or renovating their existing one, including ample storage is always top of mind.In today’s hectic, often over-scheduled lifestyle, people are seeking a haven at home. With this in mind, home-building professionals are continuously devising new techniques that facilitate an efficient, clutter-free way of life. Just one of the ways in which our designers do this is creating customized cabinetry options.

Countertop clutter is perhaps the biggest culprit in making a kitchen, the room where we spend so much of our time, feel messy. Many of our go-to cabinetry choices are designed keep the items we use every day out of sight yet close at hand.

storage solutions

Appliance garages, cabinets that hide countertop appliances, are such a great option. Often equipped with an outlet, these keep the items we use regularly, such as a toaster, coffeemaker or mixer, on the counter yet hidden from view.

built-in coffee stations

For true coffee aficionados, a coffee station, such as those shown above, is just perfect. Each includes space for a coffeemaker and storing coffee, tea, and mugs. In the kitchen shown on the left, we added an adjacent appliance garage for a toaster, creating a convenient place to make a quick breakfast.

kitchen storage ideas

In these kitchens, senior designers Judy Whalen and Julie Lyons maximized storage by utilizing every inch of available vertical space. On the left, the microwave is positioned at just the right height, and awkward items such as cookie sheets and cupcake pans have a place to call home. On the right, a double Sub-Zero refrigerator disappears behind custom- made panels and a pull-out pantry shelf makes food items easy to find.

drawer dividers

If searching through disorganized cabinets and drawers is making mustering the energy to cook dinner virtually impossible, specialized insets and drawer boxes such as these work wonders in solving the problem.

charging station

For “plugged-in” families, a charging station like this one from Wood-Mode, can be a game-changer. An ample number of outlets allows everyone to charge their devices, and the ever-present tangle of cords is neatly tucked away.

It isn’t just in the kitchen where our designers specialize in think-outside-the-box storage solutions. A thoughtful design plan can include cabinetry in virtually every room in the house. Bathrooms, the laundry room, a home office or media room, a walk-in closet; the possibilities are limitless.

linen cabinet

In this home, our designer utilized an alcove with a custom-made array of cabinetry to store linens. Once again, the vertical space is fully used to create maximum storage within just a few feet of floor space.

If “too-much-stuff syndrome” is keeping you from fully enjoying time spent at home, smart storage can help you find your bliss.

Photos by Dan Cutrona and Matt Baldelli.