Make A Statement With Color in 2017

Spring is around the corner and Pantone’s color report has our hearts melting over what’s to come. We are gearing up for a refreshing change of seasons with promise of warmth, tranquility, and tropical vibes.

Pantone’s color report is comprised of energizing hues inspiring a calming atmosphere. After all, spring is the perfect time for a refreshing update to your home and incorporating one of these colors could make for the ultimate feel good room.

Greenery is 2017’s color of the year, which comes as no surprise. In a world where technology creates isolation, we look to nature to feel alive. At its core, Greenery signifies new beginnings. It’s symbolic of a fresh start to pursue your passions and a chance to awaken your soul. Greenery encourages curiosity, exploration, and restoration. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Greenery is all about reinvigorating your relationships, including your bond with Mother Nature.

Roomscapes Pantone - Niagara

Pantone predicts Niagara will be a favorite spring hue. It has an easygoing air, reminiscent of classic denim and the ultimate casual vibes.

Roomscapes Pantone - Island Paradise

Island Paradise is a light shade of aqua, a crisp calming color that sweeps us off our feet and drops us off somewhere on an island, with a cold drink in hand under a palm tree protecting us from the glaring, but oh so welcoming sunlight.

Roomscapes Pantone - Primrose Yellow

Speaking of sunlight, you might want to put your shades on for Primrose Yellow, a bright, jubilant color that brings the heat and instantly takes you to your happy place.

Roomscapes Pantone - Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue is a bolder shade of blue that likes to be noticed and evokes confidence and strength.

Roomscapes Pantone - Flame

Adding more fire and heat to this list is Flame, the vivacious shade that instantly says fun loving and social.

Roomscapes Pantone - Pink Yarrow

While on the topic of fiery tropical hues, Pink Yarrow is a strong shade of tropical pink. This color adds passion, temptation and sparks a little bit of an adrenaline rush.

Roomscapes Pantone - Pale Dogwood

Toning things down is the calm inducing Pale Dogwood, a sweet, soft pink embodying innocence and purity.

Roomscapes Pantone - Hazelnut

Hazelnut is another softer hue, a neutral and transitional earthy color- the perfect low-key shade that translates across all seasons.

Roomscapes Pantone - Kale

Last on this list is another outdoor inspired hue- Kale, a deeper and more fertile green than the vibrant shade of Greenery. This color is reminiscent of a healthy relationship with nature.

Our team is very excited to be incorporating these colors into our 2017 portfolio. Our design team is ready to help you add a pop of color to any room in your home. To schedule an appointment call 781-616-6400.