Making a Mudroom: Storage Meets Style

New Year after New Year, one of the most popular resolutions people make is to “get more organized,” yet without making tangible changes to one’s home, it can be a tall order. If, like in so many homes, one of the primary culprits in creating clutter is the end-of-day dumping of “stuff” – backpacks and briefcases, shoes and sports’ gear – it’s time consider creating a mudroom.

Despite its decidedly utilitarian name, a mudroom need not be a no-frills room lacking in style. With a thoughtful layout, one which makes the most of every available inch of space, and carefully considered design choices, a mudroom can be every bit as elegant as your home, while still serving its principal purpose of corralling clutter and keeping dirt out of the primary living areas of your home.


In this mudroom, our designer utilized the space along one entire wall. It’s a streamlined, and incredibly efficient, layout. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets make the most of the vertical space, and provide an easily-accessed place to drop things as family members arrive home each day. The cabinets are positioned on either end of the wall which allowed space for a bench seat. With one of the goals of a mudroom keeping dirty shoes and boots out of the home, a comfortable spot to sit down and remove them is a must!

While the cabinetry and bench seating were included to address practical concerns, that doesn’t mean that our designer was willing to sacrifice style…clearly!

A custom-made bench cushion and throw pillows add a soft touch. Display shelving atop each cabinet and beadboard detailing add visual interest, as do the woven baskets tucked under the bench, which also provide storage.  Tile flooring in a soothing sand color pulls the entire look together, and is impervious to damage from any soil or water that might get tracked in from outside.

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Like the above mudroom, the one on the left includes a combination of clutter-concealing, floor-to-ceiling cabinets along with open storage. In this one, our designer opted for a row of open cubbies at floor level so that shoes and boots can easily be tucked out of the way. The cabinetry is painted in the same shade as the adjoining space, creating a sense of continuity between the two rooms. Hardwood flooring, in a natural hue, contrasts beautifully with the brick flooring in the adjacent space. With today’s rugged choices for finishes, wood flooring can be a great option for mudrooms.

In the petite mudroom shown on the right, our designer kept the petite residents of the home in mind when designing the space. From the bench seat with open cubbies beneath it, to the easy-to-reach hooks, everything is about encouraging littles ones to keep their things tidy. The open cubbies above have been arranged with burlap boxes that can be effortlessly slid in and out to store things such as mittens and hats. Stenciled numbers add a youthful, whimsical touch!

Make this the year you finally get your home organized by adding a multi-tasking mudroom!