The Glam Factor: A Touch of Bling Makes Kitchens and Baths Shine

A classic little black dress; trendy killer heels.

A neutral palette for eyeshadow; a bold red lip.

A charcoal pinstripe suit; a pocket square in punched-up hues.

It’s the unexpected details that often – dare we say always – make a timeless look shine. A little black dress without a glam factor such as the aforementioned “killer heels” or a statement necklace tends to look matronly rather than chic. And a gray suit worn with a somber tie says “banker.” But opt for a hot-pink Hermès tie and the look has just enough added edge to be statement-making rather than yawn-inducing.

What holds true in fashion also applies to kitchens and baths. An all-white kitchen without a bit of bling can look flat. A bathroom that relies too heavily on neutral shades risks being a snooze. But when you introduce a touch of glam, such as an exquisite chandelier, eye-catching backsplash, or high-gloss surfaces what may have looked plain suddenly feels polished.

Finding that perfect glam factor is something at which our designers absolutely shine. Even with our clients who are watching their budget, inserting a bit of eye candy to a space is easily done. As Roomscapes’ Design Manager Julie Lyons said in an earlier blog post, our designers will take the ‘expensive jeans/white t-shirt approach’ to adding something sensational to a kitchen or bath.

Let There Be Light

One way of making a space shine, both literally and figuratively, is with light fixtures. Sure, they work to illuminate a room, but go with something daring that makes a distinctive design statement, and you’ve added an instant dose of lux.

With the exception of the soft sage green on the island, this kitchen is primarily white. A show-stopping oversized lantern-style fixture with strong geometric lines in polished nickel becomes an instant focal point.

south shore kitchen and bath showroom

In this kitchen, a project in which we collaborated with Interior Designer Barbara Behr Sheehan, a pair of glass chandeliers in a lavender hue is arranged over the island done in a custom periwinkle blue – the client’s favorite color – finish. It’s is so unexpected and so perfect!

kitchen with blue island

With today’s hectic lifestyle, creating a spa-like haven in the master bath is at the top of many of our clients’ wish lists, and nothing says “spaaaahh” like a soaking tub. Add a chandelier overhead and the space instantly feels more indulgent.

Untitled design (47)

2017-05 Roomscapes-Pinehills©Cutrona-2429 (714x476)

Mirror, Mirror on the…Cabinet?

Mirrors work beautifully when it comes to making spaces feel larger. And because they reflect light, mirrors also make a room feel brighter. Amp up the glam factor by adding inset mirrors to cabinetry and you have a trifecta of design perfection.

In the bathroom on the left, what looks like a freestanding hutch is actually built in. Our designer incorporated mirrors into the upper doors, which give the piece an opulent vintage look. The mirrors also reflect the golf course just outside.

In the dressing room on the right, where we collaborated with Maven Interior Designs, the mirrored dressing table is flanked by cabinetry towers with decorative mercury mirror inserts. Old Hollywood glam!

dressing room ideas

Inset mirrors also work beautifully in kitchens and dining rooms, as do cabinets with glass doors.

The mirrored doors with decorative woodwork on this built-in hutch, which adds storage and helps visually define the dining area in an open-floor-plan home, catch the light from the windows on the far side of the room. The mirrors, combined with a slightly exaggerated cabinet pull, elevate the overall look of the custom built-in and set the tone for a vibrant and entertaining space.


Simple glass inserts, such as those our designer used in the built-in hutch at the far of this kitchen, can also add a subtle sense of luxury. The smooth surface of the glass reflects light and has a subtle sheen, and the glass doors work to break up the look of wall-to-wall cabinets.

kitchen design ideas

A Little Tile Style

There are so many different materials and finishes available for tile these days; nearly limitless, really – as is the potential for creating something dazzling.

When you consider the elements of a stand-alone shower – glass, tile, metal – it comes as no surprise that they are bursting with sparkling design potential!

Beautiful, aren’t they? Each features a blend of tile for a touch of contrast, and luxurious fixtures such as rain shower heads.

stand alone shower ideas

With a combination of matte black and warm wood, this kitchen is a true departure from white on white. The granite countertops have a slight sheen and add a sense of movement to the space. Take a closer look at the tile backsplash. Elongated subway tiles in textured glass in an ecru color are such an unique take on an old favorite.  Over the stove is a penny-round silver mosaic tile that Judy Whalen, our design director, used as an accent. Too cool!

kitchen with black cabinets

Little Things add Major Bling

And finally, never underestimate the influence little things can have when it comes to infusing a kitchen or bath with a bit of glitz. Cabinet and drawer pulls can have an amazing impact on any space!

Ribbet collage

Whatever your design style or preferred palette, our designers will work side-by-side with you to transform your space. If you’re looking for design inspo, a visit to our design center is certain to get your creativity flowing!