Food Brings People Together

Dining is a social activity that connects people of all cultures in many different ways. Taste is the language that transcends cultures and locations. There simply is no doubt about it: food brings people together. Every kitchen is a cherished place defined by how we purchase, prepare, and enjoy our meals. We believe a kitchen is as individual as the chef.

When we come across articles such as this one by Bon Appetit’s Editor-In-Chief, Adam Rapoport, we are reminded of the conversations we have with our clients who are looking to reinvent their kitchen. They tell us how often they go grocery shopping, how often they cook, and even what kind of wine and spirits they like to keep supplied at all times. These conversations are the foundations for bringing their dream kitchen to life.

Contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary kitchen by Roomscapes designer Judy Whalen

Everything from the layout of the kitchen space to the appliances is taken into consideration for each individual project. The main priority in any Roomscapes new construction or renovation project is to create beautiful custom cabinetry made by our in-house carpenters, install the most sophisticated appliances to suit the chef, and integrate natural elements such as stone, wood, tile and other surfaces and textures into the overall design.

Lambchops recipe

Source: Getty Images

It’s important to the Roomscapes team that they create the space you desire, whether you cook once or twice a week or are a passionate foodie who frequently cooks elaborate meals and never misses an issue of Bon Appetit.

Lambchops recipe

Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott via Bon Apetit