An Exclusive Interview with Deborah Berger, Maven Interior Design

Interior Designer, Deborah Berger from Maven Interior Design shares her experience working with Roomscapes Cabinetry & Design on a project in Needham, MA:

How would you describe your work style? Do you have any kind “signatures” that help to identify your projects?
My work style is, first and foremost, getting to know the clients – the decision makers, the relationships, the kids, the dogs, how they live – I love it all! I enjoy the process of the design, and also of the production and installation. I love seeing progress, seeing transformation, and seeing the finished spaces. I can look at every successful finished project and see a happy “moment” or element that I guess is my signature; a smile, an exclamation point, a wink – something fun, a happy moment in the space.

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You have mentioned that you want to create a meaningful environment for your clients. Could you tell us how that translated into the master suite you worked on with Roomscapes Cabinetry & Design?
This suite had plenty of square footage to go around, so the key was making the space usable. Prior to the redesign, the front room (now a dressing room), was literally a storage dumping ground. Moving some of the closet activities, such as jewelry and bags, to the dressing room, and creating an incredible vanity space, really brings a wow to the suite.

Another example is that the main bedroom area had a very awkward window location, and with the sloped roof in one area and all the doorways, it was not clear how to lay the room out. The small act of moving one window a few feet created the opportunity for the perfect furniture plan. We were so thankful the clients were open to this small construction element which made the room lay out so well. Working side-by-side with a vendor who listens to me and my message is so important to the process and end result. I’ve have fostered a great partnership with Roomscapes Cabinetry and Design. Roomscapes’ Design Director Judy Whalen, lead carpenters, and installers wer able to translate firm ideas, as well as loose concepts, into a beautiful finished project by leveraging their knowledge of the craft.

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Were there any design elements that were essential for the owner’s style when designing the space? Did the products from Roomscapes help you to achieve that style?
Yes! This client has a very clearly defined cottage/shabby chic style, so the classic stone and traditional plumbing fixtures were key to communicating that style. But the claw foot tub in the window was the superstar! Having the convenience of sourcing everything in one location at Roomscapes Design Center, and their ability to provide quality finishes for the family’s style, allowed us to meet and exceed all expectations.

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What features were incorporated into the master suite to make it cozy and elegant?
Amidst the cottage/shabby chic styling, we incorporated a ton of warm texture and layers – natural grasscloth wallpaper, a large wool rug layered with a custom silk shag rug, and a custom king bed upholstered in mohair – while working alongside Roomscapes on details and finishes such as stone, mercury glass, plumbing fixtures and many more.

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The tall cabinetry towers with mercury glass inserts are beautiful. Can you tell me about that design choice?
There are tall mercury glass towers in both the dressing room and the master bathroom. Judy and I were working to maximize the cabinet and storage space for this client. Having tall cabinets was a good way to go, and the mercury glass lightens the heft of the cabinets, and adds an amazing, custom, high-end design element that is so beautifully consistent with the aesthetic. Also, interestingly, in both cases, those cabinets had to be less deep than the other cabinetry in the space, so pulling in the depth and running them full height was a great way to go.

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Are there certain design elements with the cabinetry that you appreciate?
Tons! The beading detail around the cabinet fronts, the fact that all the cabinetry is up on furniture feet, the hardware (incredible!), and the amazing utility inside, especially the makeup and jewelry detailing inside the vanity cabinetry.

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What do you like best about working with Roomscapes on projects?

Hard to pick just one thing:

– Judy is so great with clients and I love collaborating with her on the larger design

– Drawings and renderings are amazing

– Love having access to an edited selection of plumbing – makes the process so much easier to navigate

– Having in-house building services available during the project

– No nickel and diming or constant overages; more enjoyable and less stressful process for clients (and me!).